About Us

NAWBO-logoTCIA-logo-100x100You’re busy running your business. You don’t have time to become an expert in all the latest technology, digital strategies, online tools, marketing tactics, etc. But we do. And we use that expertise to help you grow your business online.

While we use the latest technology to help grow your business, we pride ourselves on our “personal touch” – we’ve been in your shoes, we know our industry inside out, and we know what works and what doesn’t.

Monica A. Hemingway

As the award-winning founder and Principal of ITG Multimedia (formerly Periscope Communications), Monica helps companies maximize their presence online and grow their business. She’s been doing online strategy, branding, and development since 1999, before many companies even had a website. Today, her focus is on aligning your digital strategy (yes, you should have one!) with your overall business strategy. Together, you’ll work out which media (digital or otherwise) will best support your business – social media, website, blog, e-newsletter, video, mobile, apps – and develop a plan and the tactics to make it happen.

As an Industrial Psychologist, Monica has a Ph.D. in psychology. No, she can’t read your mind. What she can do is show you how a better understanding of human behavior can help grow your online influence, increase revenue, and achieve business goals. After 19 years working with some of the world’s largest companies (like Procter & Gamble, United Airlines, and Google), she knows a thing or two about applying psychological principles to drive business results.

And, as a Licensed Arborist, Accredited Organic Land Care Professional (AOLCP), and former owner of Hemingway Horticulture, she understands the green industry from top to bottom.

Jack A. Hemingway

Jack HemingwayJack has over 15 years experience in Public Relations, Investor Relations, Marketing, and New Business / Product Development in a combination of Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. He specializes in understanding consumer behavior and using that understanding to introduce new products or services, and to increase customer spending. For example, during his six years with ACT Media (the world’s largest in-store advertising company) as Director of Marketing and New Product Development, Jack developed the ubiquitous in-store coupon machine that we now consider to be a normal part of the grocery shopping experience. His Public Relations work has included major national accounts, such as ABC Consumer Magazines.

He owned a highly successful tree care company for over 10 years before selling it to a competitor and uses that experience to help others build a profitable business. Jack has a degree in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire.